MDS-DIGA Mentorship Program


DIGA has teamed up with the Medical Dermatology Society (MDS) to create a mentorship program for third and fourth year medical students interested in doing dermatology rotations at institutions other than their own (i.e. “away rotations”).  The MDS-DIGA Mentorship Program seeks to match students with dermatology faculty members at the same institution as the student’s scheduled away rotation.  These dermatology faculty are also members of the MDS and have agreed in advance to serve as mentors for those medical students rotating through the faculty’s home dermatology department.  The MDS-DIGA Mentorship Program offers medical students an additional opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with practicing dermatologists and therefore maximize the benefit of their away rotations at outside institutions.


Students interested in participating in the MDS-DIGA Mentorship Program should first arrange their away rotation(s) through AAMC’s Visiting Student Application System (VSAS) (  Once scheduled, the student should then email DIGA’s current webmaster ( with the name(s) and dates of the scheduled away rotation(s) after which the webmaster will send the name and contact information of all available MDS mentors at the appropriate institution(s).  No mentor contact information will be provided without first having a confirmed away rotation via VSAS.


Currently, we have MDS mentors at the following institutions/organizations (in alphabetical order):

– Boston University
– Brown University
– Central Dermatology (St. Louis)
– University of Cincinnati
– David Fivenson Dermatology PLLC (Ann Arbor)
– Geisinger Medical Center
– Harvard Medical School
– University of Iowa
– University of Louisville
– Northwestern University
– New York University
– University of Pennsylvania
– Saint Louis University
– Stanford
– SUNY at Buffalo
– Texas Dermatology Research Institute (Dallas)
– Tufts Medical Center
– Tulane University Health Sciences Center
– University of California, San Francisco
– UMDNJ-Robert Wood Medical School at Camden
– University of Utah
– University of Texas – Southwestern
– Wake Forest
– Yale University


Members of the Medical Dermatology Society (MDS) represent the heart and soul of our specialty: Medical Dermatology.  The MDS is made up of the thought leaders of clinical dermatology and the teachers of the next generation of practicing dermatologists.  MDS members include academicians, private practitioners, and resident physicians.  The MDS specialize in the care of patients with serious dermatologic diseases. Their mission is to improve the care of patients with these conditions.

To learn more about the MDS, please visit their website at:

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