About Us

The Dermatology Interest Group Association (DIGA) is a national student-run organization committed to providing volunteering, networking, and research opportunities to medical students interested in a career in dermatology. Our initiatives fall under three spheres: 


Partnerships, events, & workshops built around supporting students in the residency application process, increasing transparency of the process, and centralizing information flow. Check out our informational webinar series on applying to dermatology in collaboration with the Association of Professors in Dermatology (APD). 


Identifying disparities and inefficacies in the current landscape of dermatology applicants, and working with professionals and our peers to develop tools to address them. Explore our website to learn more about our mentorship program, and take a look at our research year spreadsheets to find the most recent research opportunities and fellowships! 


Creating platforms and environments to allow students to reach their full potential in exploring dermatological interests, expressing ideas, and expanding their medical education. Check out our resources tab for handy educational sheets to take to derm clinic, and explore professional derm societies!

DIGA also serves as a central organization to connect Dermatology Interest Groups (DIGs) at medical schools across the nation. We currently have 90 chapter affiliates representing over 800 students across the country. If you already have a DIG at your school and would like to register it with DIGA, or if you want more information on how to start a DIG, refer to this page. Sign up for our quarterly newsletters to keep in touch with exciting things your peers are doing, upcoming events in dermatology, and more!


How can I join the Executive Board?

Applications for the DIGA Executive Board are typically released in April. Please note that positions are only for current medical students (those who are on gap years but have not yet graduated are also accepted). Follow us on social media and join our listserv so that you will know when apps are released!

How can I become a member?

Membership is free! Go to the Contact Us page to join our listserv.

Our webpage is dedicated in loving memory to Dr. Kelly Werlinger, our founder.

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