APD Statement

Hello DIGA members,

The Association of Professors of Dermatology has released an official statement with information on the upcoming 2022-2023 application cycle from dermatology programs. Please click below to read the full statement regarding resources and the supplemental ERAS application.

For the APD’s Official Spreadsheet with program-specific information such as meet and greet dates, interview dates and participation in coordinated release, please click here.

For the APD’s recommendations regarding away elective rotations, please click here.

Additionally, DIGA and the Association of Professors of Dermatology will host a series of joint webinars to provide information and updates regarding changes to ERAS and the residency application process for the upcoming 2022-2023 cycle. More webinars will be announced in the future to address other components of the application cycle. Please refer below for official statements from the APD or previous webinar meeting notes.

DIGA x APD Webinar 11/16/21 discussed interview tips and other aspects of this year’s application cycle. Find the recording here!

DIGA x APD Webinar 8/10/21 discussed updates regarding preference signaling, supplemental application and more! Please access the recording here and presentation slides.

Initial Statement on the ERAS Supplemental Application

Application Webinar #1 Away Rotation