While there are some programs that will not interview applicants who previously did not match, failure to match does not prevent candidates from reapplying in the future. Many excellent dermatologists did not match the first time. Reapplicants should seek to overcome previous weaknesses and further build their application. The dermatology program director/chair at your current … Continue reading Reapplicants

Osteopathic Applicants

Osteopathic applicants applying into an allopathic residency Graduating from an osteopathic school should not limit your application as candidates are evaluated by the same criteria as allopathic graduates. Research opportunities are also available for candidates with either background. Applicants applying to allopathic dermatology residencies must complete the USMLE exams in addition to their COMLEX exams … Continue reading Osteopathic Applicants

No “home” Dermatology Program

Do programs understand/take into consideration that my school does not have a dermatology residency program? Programs generally give priority to their own students. However, most programs are very aware of the challenges faced by applicants who come from medical schools without a Dermatology residency program. Many consider this factor when reviewing applications. General advice for … Continue reading No “home” Dermatology Program