We wanted to remind everyone of our resident-mentorship program which is open to 2021-2022 dermatology residency applicants who may not fit the above demographic (re-applicants, fourth year students with home programs). Be on the look-out for sign-ups this summer.

Please direct all questions to Unfortunately due to limited faculty mentors, no exceptions will be made to the faculty-mentorship program.

DIGA Mentorship Program FAQs

Our National Dermatology Residency Database Director, Surya Veerabagu, created the DIGA Mentorship Program to connect medical students and residents across the country and foster relationships. The FAQs are specific for UIM applicants as there were not enough UIM mentors available. Therefore, an open forum for UIM mentees has been created to unanimously ask questions to a UIM program director, Dr. Luke, PD at Loma Linda, and Dr. DaSilva, a UIM resident at the University of Pennsylvania to address from both of their perspectives.

UIM FAQs Mentorship Program10.15.20


AAD Diversity Mentorship Program

The Diversity Mentorship Program offers hands-on exposure to students who are interested in learning more about the specialty of dermatology through a one-on-one mentorship experience with a dermatologist of the student’s choice. Click here for more information.