How to post information about your Dermatology Research Fellowship?

Dear Dermatology Programs,

Thank you for visiting our website. Our Research Chairs created the Research Fellowship Spreadsheet to provide applicants with a list of research positions for consideration.

If you would like to help applicants learn about your dermatology research fellowship by posting openings on this spreadsheet and/or DIGA’s social media platforms, please directly email the following information to current chairs Justin and Akshitha:

-Research fellowship title: 
-Fellowship director name: 
-Position filled for 2020-2021 (yes/no)?
-Length of fellowship:
-Position description:
-Additional requirements: 
-Application deadline: 
-Number of positions:
-Contact information (name and email):
-PGY-1 year with USMLE Step 3 required (yes/no)?
-MD required (yes/no)?
-Paid (yes/no)?
-Would you like us to advertise this position using our DIGA social media platforms?

Thank you for your participation and interest!


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