How to post information about your Dermatology Research Fellowship?

Dear Dermatology Programs,

Thank you for visiting our website. Our Research Chairs Alexander Cartron and Akshitha Thatiparthi created the Research Fellowship Spreadsheet to provide applicants with a list of research positions for consideration.

If you would like to help applicants learn about your dermatology research fellowship by posting openings on this spreadsheet and/or DIGA’s social media platforms, please directly email the following information to Alexander and Akshitha:

-Research fellowship title: 
-Fellowship director name: 
-Position filled for 2020-2021 (yes/no)?
-Length of fellowship:
-Position description:
-Additional requirements: 
-Application deadline: 
-Number of positions:
-Contact information (name and email):
-PGY-1 year with USMLE Step 3 required (yes/no)?
-MD required (yes/no)?
-Paid (yes/no)?
-Would you like us to advertise this position using our DIGA social media platforms?

Thank you for your participation and interest!


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