Volunteer Opportunities

Program Name: Sun Hero

Contact email: info@beasunhero.com

Description: Sun Hero strives to raise awareness on the importance of adequate sun protection in early childhood by providing curriculum and sun-safety kits for healthcare professionals (including medical students) to teach sun-safe behaviors to grade schools. Check out the slides for more information!

Program Name: The American Academy of Dermatology Good Skin Knowledge Dermatology Education Project

Contact email: Express Interest by filling out this form. Email Katie O’Connell (oconnek@evms.edu) for more information!

Description: Good Skin Knowledge was developed in 2013 with the goal of educating youth about skin, hair and nail conditions to eradicate stigma and raise self-esteem. During the 2018/2019 school year, we presented Good Skin Knowledge to a local Girl Scout troop as a pilot project. We did four, one-hour sessions. Lesson plans with accompanying activities are available for reference on the AAD website https://www.aad.org/public/kids/good-skin-knowledge-lesson-plans-and-activities . This session also serves as training for other community groups such as Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.

Lesson Plans
We will be focusing on four modules available for teaching with corresponding crafts.
-Skin health
-Sun Safety
-Bug bites and plants

Why you?
As medical students, this is a great way to connect with the community and share valuable knowledge with the girls to help them build their knowledge base and self-esteem. You also have the power to motivate young minds to pursue medical careers.

What Is Involved?
Online training from the American Academy of Dermatology: one, 1 ½ hour session facilitated by AAD Member Dr. Susan Boiko, MD, FAAP, FAAD, who will provide her expertise and guidance based on her years of experience in the field and working with children. Medical students Katie O’Connell, Vanessa Ramos, and Soquel Rey will deliver the four training modules via zoom.

Training (4 modules x 1 hour). This means about 5 hours of your time, total. This includes:
Finding a group to train. This could be in your town or community or because we are virtual, this could also be any troop. Local groups preferred.

Assembling the crafts PRIOR to the session. Materials will be sent to you ahead of time.
Getting a head count of how many students are present.
Conducting a pre and post survey.
Taking photos and making sure photo releases are signed (we will send to you in advance).
Sending a short write up of the experience to AAD with photos

Training Dates: will be made available on an as-needed basis.

After the initial training from AAD
Kits/supplies will be mailed to you as the trainer once you have confirmed an organization and quantities. It will be your responsibility to work with the leader to get the kits to the kids. If the group prefers to do the session in person, they must be willing to abide by all COVID-19 guidelines as issued by CDC.

Program Name: Global Vitiligo Support

Contact email: If you are interested in volunteering or being connected with a support group in your area, please feel free to email Jessika Sanz (jsanz@nyit.edu) and Rachita Pandya (rachipandya@gmail.com).

Description: The Global Vitiligo Support Community would like to connect vitiligo support groups across the States with medical students who would be interesting in volunteering. Volunteer roles are flexible and can include activities like joining group or phone meetings with members, posting on behalf of their chapter on social media sites, letter writing, sharing pamphlets with local dermatologists, fundraising and organizing social events. The support community has been integral to improving the quality of life of hundreds of individuals, many of whom have come together in June to celebrate World Vitiligo Day at UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA! Here is a link about our support groups: https://www.globalvitiligofoundation.org/support-groups